Wednesday, September 12, 2012

About Us
Cycle Pro, LLC. Company Information

Cycle Pro USA is a 24-year-old company for the production of Motorcycle events. Located in Daytona Beach, FL, the Motorcycle Capital of the World, Cycle Pro USA produces several different in-house events annually. We offer a clean, safe environment for our attendees. Our events are efficiently run and fun to be at. Cycle Pro USA works closely with venue operators and local agencies to insure a successful event every time. Our intent is to create, in every market we go into, an annual event that venues and communities look forward to hosting every year. What you will see at a typical Cycle Pro USA event is:

  • New Motorcycles
  • Nationally known bands in concert
  • Personal Appearances By Nationally Known Personalities.
  • Tattoo Contests
  • Bike Photography
  • National Biker Publications
  • Nationwide Attendance
  • Custom Bikes
  • Vendors
  • Fashion Shows
  • Giveaways
  • Food and Beverages
  • POW/MIA Booths
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Corporate Sponsor
  • Newest in Bike Accessories
  • Bike Games/Attendees Participate
  • Professionally Judged Bike Show
  • Local/State Police Drill Teams
  • Motorcycle Repair and Tuners
  • Heavy Local Media
  • ABATE Representation

Some of the bands that have played our events are:

  • David Allan Coe
  • Charlie Daniels
  • Confederate Railroad
  • Georgia Satellites
  • Jimmy Van Zandt
  • Starship
  • Black Oak Arkansas
  • Southern Rock Allstars
  • Branscom Richmond
  • Steppenwolf
About Us
Cycle Pro USA Company Information

Cycle Pro USA Cycle Pro USA is a long time veteran of the motorcycle business. We entered the motorcycle business first as a shop owner and an exhibitor at a variety of venues, indoor and out. This experience has created the foundation from which all our shows have grown. Having "been there" we know how important the details are for exhibitors, ticket buyers and venue operators are. Our knowledge of motorcycle organizations and their key people is a major factor in his marketing success. Our relationships with long standing members of the motorcycle hierarchy are a major reason for our 20-year legacy of success. We personally oversee all aspects of event operations. Our "hands on" owners are always on site and ready to assist venue operators and exhibitors alike. Our credibility with our vendors is high.